June 23, 2016
2 years, 11 months and 24 days since
our celebration.
Welcome to the Reunion Website!

We plan to use this website to keep everyone up to date regarding the 2016 Warner Family Reunion.  This will be a new experience for our group, gathering in a major city, but we'll have a blast.  The great thing about Philly is that it's smaller and easier to navigate than New York City but still has a load of stuff to do.  In fact, we're assuming that many of you will want to come early or stay late, because you can't possibly "do" Philly in the time we have set aside for the reunion.

To start our weekend, on Friday night we'll have a gathering party in our hotel with heavy hors d'oeuvres and time to do our initial "check in" and catching up.

Saturday during the day, you're on your own to explore Philadelphia or simply hang out in the hospitality suite that we'll have available (everyone will have access all weekend long!).  Please see other pages on this website for suggestions of what you might want to do while you're here.

Our meal Saturday evening will be at a lovely Greek restaurant a short walk from our hotel.  We'll just meet up there, since who knows where we will all be during the day!  Transportation from the hotel will also be available for anyone not able or interested in the stroll to the restaurant.  For those of you with more stamina than I, after dinner you can go out and enjoy all the nightlife in downtown Phillie--art film houses, bars, places to dance, you name it.

Sunday we'll do a brunch, and then either play in town some more or say goodbye to those moving on.

On other pages of this website, you'll find a spot for family photos, a family tree (help me out here!), travel info, stuff to do, etc.  Please look around and contribute as much as you can.

Very Important!  Please go to the page marked "Family" and sign in.  You can use that page to rsvp, but I mostly want everyone to sign in so we can get complete contact info, birth dates, etc all in one place.  The info goes to us as website administrators, but we'll distribute it to everyone when it's complete.  The site is secure, so don't worry about posting your contact info here, it won't end up in cyberspace where anyone else can find it. There's even a map so we can see where we all are, which might be fun! 

Hotel reservations can be made through the page "Getting Here" under the section "Accomodations".  You'll see that we have our own site for the Marriott and there's also a phone number if you'd prefer to call them.

Looking forward to a fun gathering!

Wendy and Brad