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Websites for fun Philly stuff to do

Here are a list of websites you might want to check out as you plan your trip.
We'll be adding in editorial comments as the time grows near and we learn of any special events planned, so check back here often!  (be sure to check the "itineraries" page, as it gives some great suggestions to help you focus; like the "science and medicine" one that includes a stop at the Mutter museum filled with medical oddities, or the "film" one with stops of all the places in Philly used in film) (this is an inexpensive bus that makes a continuous loop to most of the main attractions; it's right outside the front door of our hotel).

It's still too soon to know for sure what music and theater will be available, but I listed a few of the museums in the area in the list above so you can check to see what will be on exhibit as the time gets closer.  Be sure to check the visitor center site to learn about all the historic stuff, how to get time tickets to see Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, etc.