Friday evening cocktail party
When: Friday June 24 2016
Where: Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Come join us for our first "hello" to everyone as we have great food and drink in our home base hotel.  We'll be sure that the food allows for lots of variance in needs (gluten free, vegetarian, crazy omnivores, you name it).  You'll receive drink tickets when you check into the hotel, and beyond that it's a cash bar.

Not necessarily any specific agenda for this evening, as we just want everyone to have a chance to relax and say hi.  Then us old folks can retire early and the youngsters can hit the town!
Saturday evening dinner
When: 06/24/1916 at 4pm-8pm
Where: Estia restaurant
1405-07 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA
United States
After you've traipsed around Phillie all day, join the group at Estia for dinner.  It's a lovely Greek restaurant with a private room below the main dining area.  It's located fairly close to the hotel and very close to a number of evening spots for those adventurous types who plan to make a night of it.  We eat there all the time when we're in town for the symphony.

We'll start with appetizers and drinks at 4pm and dinner will be served at 5pm.
Not familiar with Greek cuisine?  Not to worry, it's actually pretty basic tasty food.  Actually good for you also, unless you over-indulge in the Estia chips (zucchini and eggplant slices, battered and fried.  Easy to overdo!).

Yes, this is yet another time for us to get caught up.  Probably us old folks will do some pontificating, so watch out!  Just remember that part of the "family thing" is keeping the stories alive!

Don't forget to let us know if you're coming!
Sunday Brunch Where: (still deciding!)